Spotify: App Finder Will Launch on Mobile

By Sam Gibbs on at

In an interview with Giz UK today, Spotify's UK Managing Director, Chris Maples, told us that their recently-launched app platform is "coming to as many platforms as it possibly can" -- including the mobile space -- and is part of its core business going forward. Spotify's definitely app-happy.

Maples told us that the company was going to push ahead with the app platform and that it would be rolling it out to its smartphone apps going forward, though did not specify a timeframe. Whether this will fly with Apple and its App Store approval process is unclear -- Spotify "doesn't foresee any major issues" -- but it's highly likely Apple will look dimly on Spotify rolling out their own app platform within Apple's App Store.

The App Finder will also support localised apps, meaning that the apps offered in different regions will be unique to that territory. In fact, of the 16 apps coming to the platform globally -- 11 of which are live right now -- three apps are currently Nordic-only. That could mean we'll receive UK-specific apps for the UK Spotify service.

I'll be interesting to see what Spotify's app platform evolves into -- whether it'll just be another gimmick that you'll totally avoid in the Spotify desktop client, or something useful that really adds to the experience. Spotify wouldn't commit to a date for a roll-out to their supported mobile platforms, but it's early days. You can try out Spotify's App Finder yourself with the preview Spotify client right now if you're interested.