Stonehenge Experience: The School of Rock

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge. Did aliens build it? Was it built by Druids as a place to sacrifice virgins? Oh Stonehenge, how you taunt us with your grey boulders and alignment with the sun. Luckily I no longer have to fear what I don't understand. The new Stonehenge Experience app will answer all my questions about alien sacrifices and sun dials.


What's it do?

Like the name implies, Stonehenge Experience helps you explore the West Country remains in an interactive fashion. See how the stones lie in relation to the sun as it passes overhead during the summer solstice. Use your finger to excavate the remains from the surrounding landscape. If you want to feel like you're actually there, the app uses the iPhones accelerometer and gyroscope to let you walk amongst the stones.


Why do we like it?

These are the kind of apps that get me all giddy inside. Sure, fighting demons and building towers is fun. But when an app takes full advantage of the available technology to help you learn about a topic, I'm ecstatic. The app includes the making of Stonehenge which should put to bed my fears that aliens are using it to sacrifice druids.


Stonehenge Experience costs £1.99 for the iPad