TeleNav Unveils Free HTML5-Based GPS Turn-By-Turn Navigation

By Sam Gibbs on at

In the GPS wars, Google's free turn-by-turn navigation for Google maps pretty much pulled the rug out from under the rather expensive competition. Putting yet another nail in TomTom's coffin, TeleNav's joining the free navigation party, but it's doing it with the world's first in-browser HTML5 navigation app.

The navigation service will rely on your data connection, but will be free once live in early 2012. TeleNav is pushing the app for integration into other sites and apps, and is currently courting developers with a sign-up page for early access. It's not just map-only turn-by-turn directions either, the service will come with voice guidance too, so you won't miss out on everyone's favourite phrase "turn around when possible".

I don't know about you, but data connection-reliant GPS navigation has never been great for me. If the maps aren't on the device, what happens when you run out of 3G? Free's free, so I'm not complaining -- but even with relatively good 3G coverage, when you're travelling at 70MPH, you don't want to have your navigator cut-out on you landing you in that crazy Spaghetti Junction or something. [TeleNav via TUAW]