The Dumbest Apple Product Ever Sold on eBay

By Mat Honan on at

If you've ever wanted to be the kind of person who has every single product ever built by Apple, no matter how impractical or expensive, it's your lucky day.

This eBay ad for something called an Apple Multiserver describes a never-shipped prototype that's simply a 3Com 3 Server metal chassis painted Apple white, with Apple specified connectors on the back, and a front plate made by Frog Design. Shipping weight is 10kg, and it measures 43 x 41 x 15 centimetres.

It seems pretty hard to verify this thing is genuine, the current bid is $760 (around £490), and it doesn't actually, you know, do anything. In other words, totally practical! Your parents would probably love this for Christmas. [eBay via AppleInsider]