The Winner of Santa's High-Tech 3D-Printed Sleigh Is...

By Kat Hannaford on at

Even with most of you being too busy scoffing mince pies to enter this month's 3D Printing Challenge, we still got some superb entries for santa's high-tech sleigh. Of the six that entered though, only one can win an actual 3D print of their design, plus a Tokyo Flash watch of their choosing...

Nick from 3DPrintUK and I had a tough job on our hands sizing up this month's entries, but we couldn't ignore Lee's reindeer sleigh, which took him four hours to model. Lee says of the design: "The year is 3011 and times have changed. Santa no longer delivers gifts to children for they can print their own toys with commonly available household 3D printers. However, Santa has adapted to these modern times and has discovered a new profession! He still brings joy to millions of fans as he now competes in the annual "Hover Sleigh Racing Challenge" held on every 25th of December."

Photos of the 3D printed model based on Lee's design can be viewed in the gallery above, along with the other entrants' renders.

Our new theme will be announced later this week, so you should have plenty of time to whip up a design, given you'll be spending most of Christmas trying to escape your family's incessant nagging about getting a haircut or eating more brussel sprouts.

In the meantime, congratulations to our winner, and thanks to all who entered! If the entrants would like to order a 3D print of their model they can drop Nick an email and request 20 per cent off their first order.