These Are the Phones We're Pretty Sure Don't Have Carrier IQ

By Kyle Wagner on at

While we're still not sure if Carrier IQ affects anyone outside of the US, we do know that a lot more phones than originally thought are infected with Carrier IQ, the nothing-you-can-do-about-it rootkit that has all the tinfoil hat people crowing. But not all! Here's a list of the phones that have had hard denials from their manufacturer or network, or have been found to be clean.

- All Nokia handsets
- All Windows Phones
- All Vodafone Phones
- All O2 Phones
- Google Nexus phones (Google Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus)
- Original Xoom

We'll be adding to and updating this list as more reports, denials, or discoveries come in. [NokiaChpwnVergeVerizon WirelessTrevor EckhartmocoNews]

Update: Trevor Eckhart, the savvy gentleman who brought this whole Carrier IQ scandal to light, has released a basic app designed to let you know if you have Carrier IQ on your Android device. There's a free version to just see if you've got it, and there's a pro version (for 65p) that'll automatically remove Carrier IQ for you. But wait, there are some big caveats:

- You have to be rooted in order for these to work. And if you're rooted, I would bet that you're running something like Cyanogen, which isn't going to have Carrier IQ. But please, test away.

- The program is only confirmed to work on a few devices.

- I would be extremely careful about using the "pro version" that is designed to remove CIQ, because, again, it's only confirmed to work on a few devices, and there's a very real chance you could screw up your phone something major. It's better to just use one of the testing programs, and if you test positive for Carrier IQ, I'd recommend installing a custom ROM (if available for your phone) that doesn't have it.

Anyway, that's it for this Android Health PSA.