This Whole Town Was Painted Blue for The Smurfs Movie, and Liked It So Much They're Keeping It Blue

By Casey Chan on at

The Smurfs made a terrible movie but did one good thing: they're adding more colour to the world. Juzcar, a town in Southern Spain, was painted blue for the movie as a sort of publicity stunt but the residents loved it so much they want to keep their homes all blue everything.

Previously, the small little town (of only 221 people!) was plain ol' boring white but Sony approached Juzcar with gallons of paint (and presumably loads of cash) to make a real Smurftown. Juzcar and Sony reached an agreement that the town would stay blue for six months and then Sony would come back and re-paint the pueblos white again but when Sony wanted to come back... the town of Juzcar denied them!

Turns out, being a Smurftown brings a lot of tourists into the area. According to some reports, over 80,000 people visited Juzcar in the six-month blue span which was a huge influx of people (and presumably loads of cash) compared to years past, when only a few hundred people trickled in a year. The town of Juzcar actually voted on keeping it all blue with a vote of 141 to 33. I'd hate to be one of those 33. [Kuriositas via Neatorama, Image Credit: Nukamari]