Toy Cat Freed From Recycled Clothes Bank After Being Mistaken For Real Live Pregnant Cat

By Sam Gibbs on at

In an epic tale of a Welsh community coming together, a toy cat was cut free from a clothes recycling bank after passers-by thought they heard a local pregnant cat meowing from within. It wasn't a simple job either, the bank had to be shipped 20 miles to a specialist engineering yard with heavy duty steel cutting equipment -- not even the Firemen could get it out.

Locals first alerted the authorities when they heard a cats meow coming from the steel bank. They quickly realised that it could be one of the missing cats in the area, a one Puss Puss, who was tragically pregnant with kittens. How a cat could get into the clothes bank with its front-load security door, no body knew. Maybe the cat-in-bin lady was back to take her revenge.

The RSPCA and Fire Brigade were brought in, but to no avail. Someone had mysteriously tampered with the locks on the bank and they simply didn't have anything strong enough to break kitty free.

It was then decided that the bank would have to be shipped to a local engineering yard where they would have steel-cutting equipment man enough for the job; after all it wasn't just Puss Puss's life at stake -- she was pregnant.

Once at K Owen Engineering, the steel workers took to it and sliced the front off that misbehaving bank. All went quiet, but suddenly they heard a meow, so they carefully picked through the bundle of clothes. No cat was to be found, but a bag of toys was pulled from the mess. In it was a toy cat, which went meow after they picked it up. It suddenly dawned on them -- there was no cat. They'd just spent the entire day and countless man hours worrying about, transporting and cutting a toy cat out of a recycled clothes bank. Good job team. [TNT]

Image credit: Cute cat from Shutterstock