Train Company Site Update Delayed by... Bad Weather

By Gary Cutlack on at

First Great Western suffered a comedic PR crisis late last week, after using the well-known rail excuse of "adverse weather conditions" as the reason for a delay in the launch of a web site.

After announcing its refreshed web site would launch late last week, the agency responsible for the upgrade then told users: "Due to adverse weather conditions across the country the decision has been made to hold the new site back to avoid any unnecessary disruption to customers accessing the online site," an unfortunately worded statement that was obviously torn to shreds by mocking social network users.

The train company tried to stem the laughter by publicly criticising the agency responsible for the delay announcement, but the damage had already been done. Many thousands of people smiled briefly at the awkward event.

Meanwhile on the same day, the staff member left in charge of the National Rail Enquiries Twitter account used the amazing excuse of "there's some maintenance work on the app we use" as a reason for replying to customer messages. [Telegraph]