TSA Stops Stupid Teen Wearing a Purse With a Replica Gun On It

By Jesus Diaz on at

A 17-year-old pregnant teen lost her flight when TSA agents insisted she had to check her bag, which has a replica gun attached to it. For once, I'm going to defend the TSA: this girl is a naff arseclown.

I'm not a fan of the TSA. Some times their agents are overzealous bozos with a tendency to abuse their authority. But in most cases, they do their job by the book and they are right. This time, that's exactly what happened.

I mean, look at the gun on that handbag. It's attached to it, but it looks like a real gun. The TSA agents at the Virginia airport thought the same. They examined it, determined it could pass as a replica and told the girl to check in the purse. It's pretty simple, right? No. The girl argued that she had no problems toting her dreadful purse when she took her outbound flight from Jacksonville, her home city (ah, Florida). As a result, she lost her flight and she had to be shipped to Orlando.

Her defence, talking to News4jax: "It's my style, it's camouflage, it has an old western gun on it." This girl doesn't even know what the word camouflage means, but whatever, who cares. Meanwhile, her mother waited at the Jacksonville airport, talking to her on the phone. Also talking on camera, she declared "it was terrifying." Twice. Because getting stopped at Virginia's airport is "terrifying," like waterboarding prisoners in Guantánamo. Lady, the only terrifying thing is the fashion sense of your 17-year-old pregnant teen daughter. [News4]