UK 4G "Wide Availability" Not Till 2015 According to Ofcom

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ofcom's released its draft annual plan for the 2012-2013 period and there's bad news for those eagerly awaiting 4G networks within the UK. The telecoms regulator has penned "wide availability" of 4G coverage within the year 2015, not 2013/2014 as we were all hoping.

Of course that doesn't mean some lucky first adopters won't be able to take advantage of the initial steps of the UK's LTE networks, as roll out is expected within 2013-2014; but Ofcom, probably wisely, is anticipating the wide-spread roll out of service by all the networks to take quite some time. We already knew the UK was well behind quite a few places in the world, let alone our American cousins, but 2015 for proper, competitive 4G coverage -- that's going to be a hell of a long wait. Let's just hope they don't go down the American route and just cover the big cities, leaving those out in the sticks or smaller towns, fat out of luck. [Ofcom, Ofcom Draft Annual Plan (PDF) via Engadget]

Image credit: 4G from Shutterstock