Ultra Minimal Tape Dispenser Is Unjustifiably Expensive

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Unless you buy in bulk, your run-of-the-mill office tape already comes with its own handy dispenser. While not as stylish as this Strip dispenser, it also doesn't cost you £20 for what is essentially a flat piece of aluminum.

I'll give credit where credit is due, though. So kudos to Raumgestalt Studio for finding a way to mark-up a strip of metal. While I doubt they're rolling in the dough, I'm sure they've convinced at least a few people to pony up that asking price.

But not me. Wrapping presents prior to Christmas, continuously getting tape jammed up when the crappy plastic teeth on this dispenser fail to cut properly, I'm happy I've taken a stance against such frivolous overpriced designer goods. [Fitzsu via Better Living Through Design]