Urban Outfitters Wants £30 For an iPhone Case Glued To a Retro Handset

By Andrew Liszewski on at

This isn't the only way to recreate the feeling of talking on an old clunky landline handset with your iPhone, but this overpriced £30 creation from hipster factory Urban Outfitters is certainly the most ridiculous.

The Mofone case is quite literally just an old landline handset attached to an iPhone case. Once your iPhone is inserted you still have to hold it up to your head to make calls — there's no Bluetooth or even corded functionality here. The only difference is that you now have something more substantial to hold onto.

The cases were originally sold as unique one-off creations, but now that you can buy them en masse from Urban Outfitters for £30 in the States, I feel they've lost what little novelty or originality they once had. And whereas I would have probably just rolled my eyes had I seen someone using one in public, I now suspect I'll be filled with rage at their forced attempt to look hip. [Urban Outfitters via Chip Chick]