Virgin Media Auto-Censor Takes the 'Arse' out of 'Arsenal'

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media's automated censoring tool has been giving everyone a good laugh over the weekend, thanks to over enthusiastically scanning programme listings and removing potentially rude words regardless of context.

As well as protecting football fans from being offended by seeing the word 'Arse' formed at the beginning of 'Arsenal', the scanning software was also given trouble by last night's showing of the film 'Hancock' and also took the 'Dick' out of any mention of Charles Dickens -- plus Never Mind the Buzzcocks was also filtered.

Reports on Twitter illustrated that the BBC4 epic 'The Golden Age of Canals' was also clumsily edited by the prudish software. All classic cases of how drawing attention to something makes it a million times worse. [b3ta and Media Blog via Electric Pig]