Visiting the Parents This Christmas? Remove Their PC From the Botnet Collective

By Gary Cutlack on at

Reports estimate that over one million computers in the UK are part of the "botnet" system, a network of spyware-infected computers used for various criminal spamming activities.

The data comes from Dutch researchers at the Delft University of Technology, who estimated that around six per cent of the UK's 19 million online computers are carrying some sort of networked spyware infection, which could potentially mean they're helping spam the world with messages about banking accesses and herbal sex potions.

It could be worse, though -- the UK is only in 19th place on the not very prestigious botnet infection charts. Greece and Israel are the top offenders, with an estimated 20 per cent of all connected PCs in the two countries loaded with some sort of active malware. [BBC]

Image credit: Grandparents with boy from Shutterstock