Volkswagen Gives Staff a Break, Deactivates BBM for the Evenings

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some of Volkswagen's staff in Germany are now forced to take things a little easier in the evenings, with the company switching off its email servers 30 minutes before home time so they can eat dinner in peace.

The compulsory email downtime period then ends 30 minutes before the next working day starts, giving workers the night off from feeling under pressure to respond to work business over the dinner table and while watching a downloaded copy of The Golden Age of Ca**ls.

The move is designed to help improve the work-life balance of staff which has been tilting inexorably in favour of "work" over recent years thanks to the rise of technology, although the change won't apply to those deemed "senior management" at Volkswagen. They get paid the big money, so they deserve to have their evenings punctured by business. [BBC]

Image credit: Stressed man from Shutterstock