Which Giz UK Readers Won Those Nine Lomography Cameras?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Over 1,000 people entered our two competitions during Film Week last week, proving it's not the end of the line for companies such as Kodak and Fujifilm. But who's walking away with one of nine Lomography cameras to keep film developers in business? These talented sods, that's who:

First, we asked readers of Giz UK to submit their festive shots to win one of four La Sardina cameras. Not to mention the exclusive opportunity to have their beautiful artwork displayed in Lomography's London Soho store in the run-up to Christmas, in the Gizmodo UK exhibition. Those winners are Norkateer (above)...



...and Lawypop.

...We couldn't help but award a special mention to Antibiotyx, who manages to sum up Christmas office party-mayhem perfectly.

The top four winners will have their photos displayed at the Soho Gallery store at 3 Newburgh Street (just off Carnaby Street) from today until Christmas, if you want to go and support your fellow Giz UK readers by having a squizz.

Onto the next batch of winners! To win an LC-A+; LomoKino or one of three Sprocket Rockets, I'd asked readers to email us with a description of what they'd like to shoot most in the world. Congratulations to the winners below!

LC-A+ winner:

Dan says "If I could shoot anything in the world it would be the Victoria Falls waterfall in Zimbabwe.

My family were born there when it was Rhodesia. My Mum moved over here when she was 17 and didn't go back until 1997, and my 9-year-old self went with her. It was the most exciting adventure to a 9-year-old you can imagine, and it culminated in a visit to mosi-oa-tunya (What the locals call the falls, translates as 'The Smoke That Thunders'). I can hazily remember details, but I had the old 35mm photos to back it up (since long lost, most devastatingly..) and I've longed to go back there ever since.

I got back into 35mm photography after the foray into digital (as I grew up with digital photography, it holds little wonder - whereas film is the most wonderous invention ever) and now shoot 35mm film and experiments when I can. I work in the film industry in central london (visual effects for feature films) and our office is full of old film stuff (reams of old 35mm cine film hang next to a massive steenbeck in my old office. I currently type this next to a vintage moviola.) In our 'vault' (cupboard) we have relics from the past features we've worked on (we're probably the oldest visual effects company in the country, starting out with Life of Brian) and I frequently spend idle moments exploring the old film canisters for long forgotten gems.

If I ever get the chance to go back there, if I can ever afford it and it becomes safer, I would love to go back to Zimbabwe to see the Falls again, and see what amazing affect the latent watery mist in the air would have, refracting light and causing strange phenomena to occur in-frame. Needless to say my iPhone's camera would just mist up, set off an Liquid Contact Indicator, shut down and become invalid under warranty. Film Forever!"

LomoKino winner:

Arthur, who says "I would like to shoot my new film with the snazy funkin new lomokino, i've seen those films they are just classy! this is one of my films its not thats great but it would be really interesting what i could do with the lomokino. i've asked my mum if i could have it for christmas and the reply was not pretty. you see for my new film i want to create an animation style film so i was thinking (as i was reading one of you posts '30 ways to hack your next roll of film') and i thought that the scratching idea on the film could be really interesting using that as a part of the animation, i want to create a mount kimbie style video where the charater is walking through london early in the morning and the world around him turns in to an animation so using film with video would help me to create such a piece. i'm not to keen on digital cinema, i love a good old 35mm movie. i've only gone on a bloody rant."

Sprocket Rocket winners:

Peter wants to shoot "The Dragonsblood trees of Socotra Island, a tiny place off the coast of Yemen, often described as the most alien-looking place on earth."

Tara says: "I want to shoot the first snow fall in London's streets and Parks, especially Hampstead Heath. Will it snow this year I wonder...?"

Martin says "Shooting analogue stills and movies (on the LomoKino) in Tokyo's Akihabara or the stunning vistas from atop mount Fuji with the Sprocket Rocket. Ever since I was a young boy I've always wanted to visit Japan, and when I do eventually make it, I will be analogue all the way."