Who Wants to be Next in the Disposable Memory Project?

By Kat Hannaford on at

A couple of weeks ago, a disposable Kodak camera thunked onto my desk. I'd instantly joined the Disposable Memory Project, which aims to track 390 disposable cameras on their journeys around the world. The idea is that you take one photo, then pass it on or leave it in a public place for someone else to stumble across.

Each camera has a unique code, which when entered onto the website, will pinpoint the camera's location on a map and chart its progress as it winds its away around the world. Or around your neighbourhood -- the disposable cameras don't need to travel far to make people curious, and consider the best possible shot for inclusion.

Since 2008, hundreds of cameras have been left on park benches; under trees, or handed over to friends. Whoever shoots the last photo on the camera is asked to send it home to its origins, where they photos will be processed and uploaded to the site. You can see photos and the journeys from the returned 30 cameras over here.

So, one question remains -- who would like to join the project by taking on my camera, and taking one photo before passing it on? I'll post it anywhere in the world, to the first person who comments on this post. [The Disposable Memory Project]
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