Wide-Body Cosmonaut Stylus Is Easy on the Eyes and Easier on the Hands

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Most styluses are designed to look and feel like a pen — great for writing, terrible for drawing. That's why this new stylus from Studio Neat is built like a crayon.

Dubbed, the Cosmonaut — presumably in reference to the old joke about NASA building £64,000 space pens and the Soivets simply bringing pencils — the stylus uses an oversized rubber grip that's more comfortable to hold for longer periods, as well as easier to grip by the elderly or children (though why you'd let either of them near your iPad is beyond me). According to Studio Neat, it's designed to move across the glass like a "dry erase marker: fast, simple, low fidelity." It can also be used on any capacitive touch screen including iPhones and Androids — helpful for fat-fingered writers like myself.

It will retail for $25 in the US, which'll set you back about £16 plus £4.50 for international postage to the UK, and will be available in either aluminum or cherry wood when it ships in approximately five weeks. [Studio Neat via Minimal Mac]