Winter Walk on Android Market and App Store: An Evening Constitutional on a Blustery Day

By Bulent Yusuf on at

This time of year, the weather can be rather bracing. The evenings grow longer, the temperature drops below zero, and the wind bites a little harder. This is the moment where the woolly long-johns are taken out of storage and pressed into service. But that's no reason to be confined indoors. How about taking a nice, relaxing Winter Walk?

How does it play?

A Victorian gentleman steps out for a evening constitutional, trudging through the wind and the snow in a grey, industrialised city. He's preoccupied with important thoughts like "Should I get a dog?", but the wind keeps interrupting by blowing his top hat off his head.

Players prevent this from happening by tapping and holding down on the screen, at which point the gentleman stops walking and raises an arm to hold onto his hat. You'll know when a gust is coming when it starts to rattle on his head, and the howling of the wind grows louder. The aim of the game is to walk as many steps as you can without losing it.

Don't worry if the hat gets blown off; a little street urchin scampers up to retrieve it in exchange for a gold coin. At which point, the gentleman blows off the snow on the hat and continues with his walk, resuming his train of thought from before. "Which breed, though?"

Why do we like it?

It's all rather pointless, like a Dickensian version of Canabalt, but it's also very charming and funny. It's filled with lovely touches like the gilded thought balloons that appear around the gentleman's head, the flap of the red scarf around his neck, and a bouncy chip-tune soundtrack.

Fun, simple and amusing, Winter Walk is a great little diversion. It's also free, a seasonal gift from developer Monster and Monster. Best enjoyed with a hot mug of cocoa in front of a roaring, crackling fire.


Winter Walk is available to download for free on Android Market and the App Store