With Great 8-Bit Nexus Ninja Power, Comes Great Responsibility

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Ninjas -- they are back again. And this time they're 8-bit and oh, so awesome retro-badass. Hit up YouTube, unbox that Galaxy Nexus in style, and vanquish the hoards of enemy ninja -- no match for your lighting button bashing. This is how classic gaming should be. Just make sure you've got at least 15 minutes to spare, and your boss isn't around, before you click the link, OK?

Productivity, what productivity? It's Christmas already, right? [YouTube via Android Police]

As Darrell pointed out below, if you have enough time to burn through three levels of Ninja fury, you'll be treated to a free Nexus Ninja game for Android with another six levels to sink your teeth into. But if like me, you don't have enough time/your boss is watching -- click here.

Thanks Darrell!