YouTube goes Educational -- Schools Channel Launches

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has added a separate sensible area to YouTube, gathering together all of its educational output into a locked-down channel it's calling YouTube for Schools.

The new portal provides anyone with an educational account access to the content contained within Google's existing EDU Channel, which Google says currently consists of over 450,000 clips, covering everything from advanced maths to learning how to order beer and more chips in Spanish.

The key idea is that an admin signs in to the site with one overall Google account specifically setup for that particular school, which then restricts access to only educational content -- removing the 'Related Videos' tabs and stopping students browsing to the myriad cat-related hilarity that exists elsewhere on the site.

Comments beneath all educational videos will also be disabled when signed in with a school account, lest a generation grows up permanently battle-scarred. [YouTube for Schools]