100,000 Blog Comments Needed for RNLI Fundraiser

By Gary Cutlack on at

An odd RNLI fundraiser has launched today, asking not for old books, loose change and knitted items, but trying to gather over 100,000 comments on a blog post over the next 24 hours.

To take part, just leave a comment in this thread here on the blog of network provider Timico. And, if you like, pop over here to donate a quid or two to the RNLI when you're done. It's a good cause, and we're all racked with first-world guilt after spending Christmas living on chocolate and mince pies, so it can't hurt.

The site hosting the blog post has also outlined the tech it's using to cope with anticipated demand, which involves all manner of optimisations and six-core server blades with 96GB of RAM. The current record for comment on a blog, according to the Guinness people, is 100,000 in 24-hours. So that's the target.

We'll help speed things along by saying Android is better than iPhone. That always kicks things off and should be good for at least 20,000 angry remarks. [Trefor]