2011 One Second at a Time Is So Astounding It Made Me Cry

By Roberto Baldwin on at

I couldn't have imagined that stitching together one second of video for each day of 2011 would be this incredible. And there's just no way I could love this 365 second year-in-a-life any more than I already do.

Madeline Schichtel's This is what Madeline did, which includes brief snippets of her driving down the highway, going to parties, checking out the polar bear at (presumably?) the zoo, is a beautiful reminder that life is the sum of many parts. And those parts, no matter how tiny, lead up to something amazing.

It helps that it was shot in my old neighborhood in LA and I love LCD Soundystem's All My Friends as the soundtrack. But you could be a Blink-182 fan from Manchester and still find something, many things, to love here. [Madeline Schichtel via Laughing Squid]