£260 Adapter Lets Your Sony NEX Gaze Through Canon Lenses

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The number of lenses available for micro four-thirds snappers is dwarfed by those available for Canon SLRs. But there's no reason to feel inferior now that Conurus' Canon EF lens adapter for Sony's NEX cameras is finally available.

As long as you're not completely reliant on autofocus, which is rendered unusable with this adapter, for just £260 (from Hong Kong) you can use any Canon EOS lens on your Sony NEX-series body.

The adapter—which supports all other functions of the lens and camera including image stabilisation, shooting modes, and EXIF data—has only just become available, but has already sold out. So if you were patiently waiting to finally use your Canon glass on your NEX-series shooter, you'll have to wait just a bit longer while Conurus "...are manufacturing the next batch immediately." [Conurus via The Verge]