A Hidden Pool Table for the Modern Bachelor

By Casey Chan on at

There are few things that scream bachelor pad more than a pool table. And even the skeeviest single guy knows you gotta eventually class it up. That's why this pool table by Fusiontable is so perfect. It's a modern dining table with a hidden, convertible pool table underneath. Business in the front, party in the back.

The 53" x 91" table stands 30 inches tall and has room for six (and probably more) to comfortably sit and eat. As wonderful as the table looks, it's the hidden pool table that's making me imagine it in my future dining room (sorry future wife). The pool table uses clever memory cloth pockets that only expand when a ball is inside and a spring assisted Easy-Lift system that can boost the table to a standard 33 inches tall. Even better, all the balls and cue sticks can be stored on top of the table when not in use because the dining table is just placed on top of it. Of course, it all comes at a cost of £4,500. Staying young ain't cheap. [Wayfair via Gear Patrol]