An All-Copper Touch Sensitive NES Controller That'll Fit In Your Wallet

By Sam Gibbs on at

You’ve that a massive NES controller to play with, but what about one you can fit in your wallet? This awesome-looking all-copper capacitive NES joypad that’s about the size of a credit card, and can be made at home with the help of a KickStater project, might fit the bill.

It’s a proof of concept production from the MezzoMill, a circuit-milling contraption that allows you to design (or download) and manufacture your own circuit-based projects carved out of copper. It makes the circuits so you can get on and create the fantastical projects, like the mini NES joypad you can see in action below.

It’s powered by an Arduino and is on KickStarter right now looking for around £20,000 with pledges as low as £16 plus international shipping (although all that’ll get is a T-shirt). Sounds like a circuit hackers dream to me – now where can I plonk down my pledge for a KickStarter for more hours in the day? [MezzoMill via Hack-a-Day]

Thanks Kev!