An iPod Dock So Big It Needs to Roll Around Like a Suitcase

By Mario Aguilar on at

You're planning some festivities you say? Not so much a party as a BASH? The dinky rechargeable battery dock in your room is not going to cut it. You need something so big and heavy it needs a retractable handle and wheels.

Aside from the size and weight of the driver itself, the Backyard Blaster comes housed in a rugged case much like a PA speaker and has a BIG 12-hour battery. In addition to your standard 30-pin iPod dock, the Backyard Blaster carries an aux input for Android users or other iPhoneless wretches. Oh, and if Karaoke happens to be your thing—why wouldn't it be?—the Backyard Blaster comes equipped with a built-in microphone. [Ubergizmo]