Anonymous Apes WikiLeaks with "Nazi-Leaks" in Operation Blitzkrieg

By Sam Gibbs on at

Anonymous is still waging war on German neo-Nazis and has taken to a WikiLeaks-esque data release tactic to renew its assault. It's launched the familiarly named, which it's using to release customer data and contact details from a series of far-right newspapers; alleged donors to Germany's National Democratic Party, and neo-Nazi online stores.

OpBlitzkrieg was launched last year with a series of DDoS attacks on supposed neo-Nazi organisations. Now has become the frontline, with a lawsuit by one of the implicated parties, a right-wing weekly newspaper called Junge Freiheit, already launched and the NDP reportedly considering it.

Anonymous may have bitten off a little more than it can chew recently, but neo-Nazis might be a slightly more realistic target; I doubt many will be upset about the group targeting them and they've already had a little success forcing the resignation of a neo-Nazi parliamentary aide in Finland. If you can read German, or machine translation, you can check out the leaked details up on the site right now. [The Register]