Apple Has 250 Ninjas Spying the Competition at CES

By Jesus Diaz on at

Don't think Apple is not at CES. They are there, everywhere. You can't see them, but 250 stealth Apple employees are at CES 2012. They are not there to show things. They are there to voraciously analyse the competition.

Paid Content's Tom Krazit bumped into none other than Greg Joswiak, head of iOS product marketing for Apple:

"While wandering around the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center Tuesday, I bumped into Greg Joswiak, head of iOS product marketing for Apple, just outside of Sony's booth. Joz, as he's known within the Apple community, grinned sheepishly upon being recognised by a reporter and stopped to chat for a few minutes."

Apparently he wasn't impressed by Sony's booth, he told Krazit.

Mike Elgan points out what's only logical: "a common misconception about Apple is that the company doesn't pay attention to the competition and remains aloof from what's happening in the rest of the industry." Sure, paying attention is one thing. All companies pay attention. All companies send scouts to other companies' booths and events. But sending a small army of 250 people to comb the halls at CES is a lot more than just paying attention.

So yes, Apple may ignore CES for show and tell. But they are not ignoring what's cooking in Vegas. They are very interested in it. To see what's hot, what's wrong, where everyone else thinks things are going. If you are at CES, look at their badges. [Paid Content via Mike Elgan]

Image credit: Ninjas from Shutterstock