Apple Sells 37 Million iPhones; 15 Million iPads in Monster Money Quarter

By Brian Barrett on at

Apple just set company records for net income ($13.06 billion, or £8.72bn) and revenue ($46.33 billion, or £29.71bn), thanks in large part to selling as many iPhones as there are people in California. Oh, and nearly half as many iPads, too.

The 37 million iPhones are more than twice as many as they sold in the same quarter last year; ditto the 15 million iPads. Macs hung in there at 5.2 million units sold (a 26 per centincrease over last year), while iPods continued their slow decline, down 21 per cent to a still impressive 15.4 million Shuffles, Nanos, and Touches.

In a brief statement in Apple's earnings press release, CEO Tim Cook also cited "some amazing new products in the pipeline," which is the sort of thing consumer electronics CEOs always say at times like this. But while it probably means the expected iPad 3 and Ivy Bridge MacBook Airs and the like, there's always the titillating prospect that he's talking about that lurking Apple HDTV. Or, I dunno, a new line of designer iUtensils.

Apple's holding a call to discuss results at 5pm PST; we'll be listening in and posting as warranted.