Rumour: Apple to Bid For Premier League Football Streaming Rights

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Apple TV is a bit of a lame duck in the UK, especially when compared to what's available in the US. Rumour has it Apple is courting the idea of bidding for the streaming rights for the Premier League to bolster its content roster for the Apple TV and iPad within the UK.

In the US, the Apple TV streams live sports including ice hockey, basketball and baseball. If Apple were to add live streaming to the Apple TV for football in the UK, and brought in a bit of LoveFilm and Netflix streaming when it launches in the near future, it might make the £99 set-top box actually worth getting. Of course Apple isn't the only one that could be interested in a streaming package -- Google is reported to be in the mix too. Another possible alternative could be for it to just go for the online highlights package that Yahoo currently holds, which would be a bit lame unless it's offered free as we've always got Match of the Day for that kind of thing.

Still, the potential for live Premier League without Sky or ESPN is a tempting one. It could even tie-in with the rumoured Apple flatscreen we've heard a lot about. We'll have to wait until around the end of this 2011/2012 season for the bidding process to kick-off to see how this one is going to pan out. [Daily Mail via TechRadar]