Apple's iBook 2 Textbooks Arrive Today (Updated)

By Sam Biddle on at

Algebra, Biology, Geometry — these have never been particularly exciting words when it comes to textbooks, but that could change today. Apple's attempt at reinventing learning is officially online and ready for browsing — with each title offered at only $15 in the US (UK pricing has yet to be confirmed).

So far the iTunes selection in the US includes the aforementioned titles, along with E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth (free!), Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Physics. A quick look at the UK page shows no titles currently listed, but since this has literally just dropped we may seem them a touch later, or then again, they might be limited to the US.

Apple's clearly starting with the fundamentals here, and publishing partners look to be limited to McGraw-Hill and Pearson. But this library should be fleshed out very fast, very soon. [iTunes]

Update: iBooks 2 has popped up in the UK App Store with the following:

Introducing iBooks 2 — now with iBooks textbooks.

• Experience gorgeous Multi-Touch textbooks designed for iPad
• iBooks textbooks are filled with interactive features, diagrams, photos, and videos
• Tap to dive into images with interactive captions, rotate 3D objects, swipe through image galleries, watch videos in full screen, and more
• Use a finger as a highlighter when swiping over text in a textbook
• Take advantage of Study Cards to help you memorize important highlights, notes, and glossary terms
• Tap glossary terms to see definitions of key topics and concepts without leaving the page

The iBookstore offers textbooks on Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Geometry, and Physics from McGraw-Hill and Pearson.
These textbooks are currently available to customers in the United States. Textbooks from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt are coming soon.

iBooks textbooks are created with iBooks Author — now available as a free download on the Mac App Store.

Sadly, it looks like the UK might be out of luck for Apple's textbooks at the minute, probably due to licensing agreements with publishers.