Apple's Recycling Programme Turns Broken Dells into Cash

By Gary Cutlack on at

No doubt to help fend off the battering it gets from Greenpeace over its environmental credentials every few months, Apple has launched a new recycling scheme, easing the eco-pain of binning last year's iPhone for this year's iPhone.

The company's Reuse and Recycling Programme accepts old iPhone, iPad and Mac computers, also branching out in any other desktop PCs and laptops. But it doesn't want your old HTC Hero or anything else.

The system works like any of the numerous other phones-into-cash schemes -- you ask for a quote based on the specs of the thing you're trying to shift and its condition, and if it's acceptable a pre-paid envelope will then be sent out to you so you can send it back to Apple for recycling.

The money then hits your bank account via its recycling partner Dataserv, with Apple saying you can "use it to purchase a brand-new Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad."

Or as the money's in your bank account, you could spend it on anything else. Crisps and custard doughnuts and a magazine, for example. And even if Apple decides your old hardware isn't worth anything, it can still be recycled for free. [Apple R&R via Techradar]