Is ASDA's £249 Full HD LCD TV the UK's Cheapest 40-Inch Telly?

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you don't mind having the slightly less than prestigious "LUXOR" brand sitting there on display in your front room, ASDA has quite an amazing deal running on a 40" LCD TV at the moment. It's offering a Full HD 1080p LCD TV for £249.

The set, which goes under the model number LUX-40-914-TVB, offers two HDMI sockets and a Freeview tuner, plus that all-important 1080x1920 display resolution for making your burgeoning Blu-ray collection appear as the director intended.

The TV is currently showing as out of stock over on ASDA's online shopping site at the moment, mind, so it appears quite a few people are going to be enjoying the LUXOR cinematic experience for the next few years. [ASDA via Cnet]