Asus Transformer Prime to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update on UK Launch

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to the official Asus social media feeds, the Transformer Prime is going to get an update to Android 4.0 starting on the 12th of January, the same day the quad-core tablet is due to land in the UK.

Whether we'll get the ICS update immediately in the UK, we don't know. But we shouldn't have too long to wait at any rate.

In other positive Transformer Prime news, Asus is going to produce an unlock tool for the locked bootloader that caused a ruckus earlier this week.

Now, if Asus would like to sort out the GPS issues some users are experiencing (which made them remove GPS from its listed specification no less), the Asus Transformer Prime will be complete. And just in time for us to stop salivating from afar and start actually playing with it on our shores. [Asus Facebook, Twitter]