Bang & Olufsen Joins the AirPlay Party With the BeoLit 12 Wireless Speaker

By Adrian Covert on at

Inspired by their transistor radios of old, the BeoLit12 wireless speaker packs the latest technology, including a 120 watt amp and Apple's AirPlay standard, into a compact, portable box.

The BeoLit 12 airplay speaker is the first product in its newly-announced B&O Play line of products, intended to bring its premium audio and video products to the masses at a price that doesn't require a second mortgage (you might still need a small loan, however). With an aluminum shell, two 5cm tweeters and a 10cm woofer, the BeoLit 12 can connect to AirPlay via Wi-Fi or the internet, and also has USB and 3.5 stereo out jacks for versatility.

The battery can provide up to four hours of playback when streaming, or eight hours when a music player is directly connected. The BeoLit 12 will be in stores at the end of January starting at around £520. [Bang and Olufsen]