BBC Worldwide Licenses Strictly Come Dancing to Kiddie Dress-Up Portal

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's money-making division has granted bizarre girlie dress-up avatar site Stardoll the rights to use the Strictly Come Dancing brand, giving small girls and predatory adults the chance to create their own celebrity avatars.

It all seems a bit tawdry, to be honest. Users are asked to spend £6 on registering for a Strictly package, which lasts for 30 days and grants access to one month of the site's "Superstar" membership, for which they also get an interactive calendar thing that drip-feeds Strictly avatar content over the course of a month. To keep 'em hooked.

Simon Hutson, BBC Worldwide's Director of Digital Development, said "Attracting new audiences as well as building strong relationships with some of the show's most passionate young fans in new and engaging ways marks a very exciting move for the Strictly brand."

And getting six quid off some poor parent's credit card for a load of virtual tat is a pretty clever achievement, too. [PR via MSN]