BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Shown Off at CES But Does Anyone Care?

By Sam Gibbs on at

The BlackBerry PlayBook might be killing RIM, but the Canadians aren’t giving up on it. They’ve been showing off PlayBook OS 2.0 at CES in the hopes that it’ll attract a modicum of interest (rather than pity), and now the lucky thing is finally getting native email.

It might be too little, too late, but RIM’s pushing its ‘advanced messaging system’, which leverages rich text editing; tabbed mail, and a unified inbox for email, Twitter and other social networks. It’s also keen on carrying that social integration through the rest of the system with what sounds like a Windows Phone 7 rip-off “relationship-centric” calendar and contacts system.

RIM’s also tweaked the phone-PlayBook integration allowing you to use your BlackBerry as a keyboard and mouse for the tablet, if swiping and tapping just isn’t good enough for you.

Frankly, whatever RIM does with the PlayBook, it’s not going to really change much. It’s still missed the boat by a mile, and everyone else is sailing off down the multimedia-centric wind. Sorry RIM, I reckon you should just quit it while you’re behind. [TechRadar]