British Success Story Raspberry Pi -- Made in Taiwan and China

By Gary Cutlack on at

The British maker of the cheap and exciting Raspberry Pi micro-microcomputer has launched a pretty aggressive attack on the UK, pointing out that odd tax laws make assembling things here more expensive than buying them in ready-made from overseas manufacturers.

The main complaint is with the UK's import taxes. Raspberry Pi says that it would have to pay tax on importing components, were it to assemble the units in the UK, but if it's importing fully built units there's no tax added. So it's cheaper to just let the Chinese do it and have all the jobs.

It's also quicker. Raspberry was quoted an average 12-14 week turnaround from UK manufacturers, while those from the Far East could smash it all together in 3-4 weeks. But there's hope for the future. It's "still working hard on investigating UK possibilities" which could see the alternate Model A version of the tiny computer built here.

The first batch of imported Pis are set to roll off production lines at the end of January. [Raspberry Pi]