Brits Must Have Two-Days a Week Without Booze

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’re apparently a nation of drunkards, so in news that's not going to be popular with all those partial to a little tipple in the evenings -- MPs have told British drinkers that they should spend two days a week teetotal.

Now, it may be common sense to suggest that abstaining from alcohol is good for your health, but the Commons Science and Technology Committee is saying that a couple of days alcohol-free is crucial to public health.

The government has been attempting to use softly-softy approach using the voluntary co-operation of drinks companies and supermarkets to tackle drink awareness and alcohol-health, rather than legislation. But it’s not working according to both physicians and MPs alike, and they’re calling for tougher measures.

"Alcohol guidelines are a crucial tool to combat excessive drinking. Unfortunately, public understanding of how to use the guidelines and what an alcohol unit looks like is poor." Said Andrew Miller, chairman of the committee.

It’s commonly said that if alcohol were to be discovered today, it’d be banned like many other recreational drugs. Thankfully, it was discovered long before health issues were a twinkle in the imbiber’s eye. The problem is that prolonged or excessive alcohol consumption causes liver damage. So, while we all love a good drink every now and then, perhaps its time to uphold that pledge of “never again”, the next time you feel horrendous the next morning – at least for a couple of days. [The Independent]

Image credit: Drunkard from Shutterstock