BubbleScope and BubblePix Allow Instant 360-Degree Shots From Your iPhone

By Sam Gibbs on at

Showing the true British inventors’ spirit, Tom Lawton’s BubbleScope is able to clip onto your smartphone and capture high-resolution 360-degree images instantly. And now there’s an iPhone app to control the camera and show off your super-panoramic pics to your friends.

The BubbleScope is a small lollypop looking thing that strongly reminds me of a PlayStation Move controller. Instead of letting you flail around like a fool, the BubbleScope attaches to your smartphone hooking in with its camera allowing you to shoot fantastic true 360-degree panoramas and “surround” video. The recently released app will let you take your creative shots on the road with you, just like you can the BubbleScope itself. It also gives you the option to preview your stills and video before you shoot, as well as set-up some hands-free shooting using timers.

The two together make an impressive panoramic shooting solution without the reduced resolution, stitching and post-processing normally associated with these kinds of things -- something that's always killed the mood for me whenever I've had photographic inspiration strike. The app’s free from the App Store right now and the BubbleScope itself will set you back £60 and will be available from Firebox in the near future.