Cat-Stroking Robot Kinect Hack: Because Cats Need Cuddles Too

By Sam Gibbs on at

Off the top of my head there are quite a few applications I can think of for a remote, VR-controlled robot system, but petting a cat is probably not as high up on the list as it should be. Taylor Veltrop didn't have that issue and using Kinect; a Wiimote; a head mounted display; a treadmill (!), and a Nao robot, he concurred the distance and managed to brush his cat remotely.

Frankly the level of control he's managed to hack together is incredible. He sees what the robot does, the robot moves as he does, and its all done with off-the-shelf stuff. Veltrop's even moving to add voice and hearing to the robot to let him hear and speak to people for the true Avatar experience. I wish I had his talent and time; better yet, where can I buy one? [YouTube via The Verge]