CES Nerds Can Get Married In an Apple Store-Lookalike Vegas Wedding Chapel

By Kat Hannaford on at

...Though they don't need to stress about finding a member of the opposite sex to force into marrying them, as pop-up wedding chapel iDo also performs commitment ceremonies; fake weddings and even pet weddings. Taking design cues from Apple's retail stores, iDo at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas also gives newlyweds rings made out of erasers, because nothing says love like rubbing out the words on your marriage certificate after you come to your senses the following day.

Offering several different types of ceremonies, for $80 (£50) you can receive a ceremony with two cans of champagne (classy!) from Sofia Coppola's vineyard (hmm); a photo booth picture, and two eraser rings. For a little bit more ($125 -- around £80), you get a 4-pack of champagne cans; a silk flower bouquet; party favours; two cake pops, and one logo t-shirt. But the grand kahuna of wedding packages also includes a bottle of champagne; six cake pops, and VIP entry to the hotel's nightclub for $195 (£125.)

Given the Apple-esque aesthetics of the wedding-chapel-cum-gift-store, springing the extra $10 (£6.50) for the opportunity to play your own wedding tunes from your iPod is probably just the ticket to cement your love. CES nerds, can I recommend Computer Love by Kraftwerk; Television Man by the Talking Heads, or perhaps Dinosaur Adventure 3D by Underworld?

But if your marriage doesn't work out, CES nerds, don't stress too much -- if you spring the extra few bucks for AppleCare, you can get your marriage sorted out just as soon as you can get an appointment at the genius bar... [iDo]

All photos by Kat Hannaford of Gizmodo UK