Chicken Waffle Wings Are the Most Brilliant Snack of the Millenium

By Sam Biddle on at

There were those who said man would never make it to the moon. They were wrong. There were those who threw up their hands in anguish, saying the large round waffle and the chicken wing could never unite. Wrong again.

Miniaturising the classic chicken and waffles combo to an extent that will continue Moore's Law for centuries, clever amateur chefs have devised this: the waffle wing. No robotics laboratory or Large Hadron Collider was necessary for the culinary hybrid: just a waffle iron, a bunch of batter, and some damn wings, my man. Get that wing, dip it in some batter, stick 'er in the iron, and let the union of physics and technology press forward. Do you smell progress? It smells like chicken on a waffle iron. Do you dare put chocolate chips in that iron? If you're brave, young alchemist. A wise man would say no—but who dares, wins. Just don't stick your batter-dipped fingers in that waffle iron without warning me, for I will gladly nibble them off.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, this is more important than the iPad. [DudeFoods via FoodBeast]