China Telecom to Launch UK Operation, With Help From France and Germany

By Gary Cutlack on at

French and German network collaboration Everything Everywhere is teaming up with China Telecom -- to launch a Chinese mobile network in the UK. We are all so very cosmopolitan these days.

The deal will see China Telecom set up an MVNO using Everything Everywhere's network infrastructure, with the aim being to target the significant number of Chinese ex-pat residents and students, along with the many Chinese tourists that travel to the UK -- a number that's expected to rocket this year as the London 2012 Olympics gets under way.

It's a big move for China Telecom, as it marks the company's first MVNO outside of its home country, but the user base is clearly there -- the network says there are over two million Chinese living in Europe, with 600,000 of those based in the UK. [FT (subscription required)]