Classic Koss Headphones Finally Get an iPhone Remote

By Mario Aguilar on at

The new Koss Porta Pro KTC headphones aren't exactly new. They're an update to a product that's been a mainstay since the '80s. And now you can get these retro cans with an iOS remote. It's about time.

The Koss on-ear, folding headphones have barely changed since they were first unleashed on the Walkman-rocking masses in the 1980s. They're a staple: Budget-friendly, lightweight, portable headphones that look cool and sound good enough that even audiophiles approve.

That's right. Full thrusters into the future! The Koss Porta Pro KTC headphones will be out in the early spring, and if Koss knows what's right, they won't cost a penny more than the £40 non-iOS versions. [Koss via Engadget]