Craftsman's Bluetooth Toolchest Lets Grease Monkeys Keep In Touch

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Gone are the days when a rolling toolchest only held tools. At CES Craftsman (which really should be updated to Craftsperson) unveiled its new Contour Powered Series Tool Storage that adds a charging station and a Bluetooth connected sound system.

A set of 220W speakers lets mechanics pipe their music from an iPod or Bluetooth enabled audio device, but also answer and place hands-free calls when they're otherwise unable to handle their phone. Because the speakers on the toolchest are powered, it does have to be plugged in, limiting its mobility around your shop. But as a consolation prize Craftsman has included a charging station for tools, batteries, and other devices.

If you're buying one for actually storing tools, you'll probably be happy to know a set of 16 drawers provides overĀ 446L of storage space. And the whole rolling package can handle over 900kg of gear, which is perfect given how many monstrously sized smartphones have recently been announced. As to when you'll be able to to add one to your garage? Sometime in the second quarter of this year Craftsman promises, with pricing details still to be revealed. [Craftsman via Notcot]