Developer: iPhone 5 to Support NFC-Payments

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to a “well-connected” developer who’s currently working on an NFC-payment enabled app for iOS, Apple’s “heavy into NFC” for the iPhone 5.

We’ve had rumours flying around about NFC-enabled iPhones for ages – pre-iPhone 4S even. But for a developer to spend not an inconsiderable amount of time and effort into building an NFC-enabled app, he’d have to be pretty sure, right?

“Enough to bet the app development on.”

Apple has a load of NFC-based patents in the pipeline, but whether we’ll see it in the iPhone 5, well, this latest rumour certainly shifts the proverbial arrow over to yes a bit. Android and even BlackBerry have had NFC-chips for a while now, but if Apple was to come in on NFC-payments, it certainly would boost the technology that’s struggling for traction.

Given we’re apparently going to get Google Wallet in time for the Olympics, I wonder whether Apple will jump on-board the Google band wagon or roll its own service. Probably its own knowing Apple. And it’ll be amazing, magical and we’re going to love it, of course. [9to5Mac]