Dyson Puts Its Tiny Ball Tech Into Its Upright Cylinder Vacuums For Better Maneuverability

By Kat Hannaford on at

Grey-haired James Dyson can do one for all I care. Why? Because I just bought a new Dyson a couple of months ago, and then they come out with a new range of vacuums which they're calling their best yet. Hmpf. Still, I guess it beats a Henry Hoover.

Basically, Dyson's taken the technology from its teensy ball vacuums and put it in the DC40 and DC41 upright cleaners, so that they won't topple over and can basically control themselves, plus the smaller DC38 and DC39 cylinder models. They haven't reached full AI/Roomba levels yet, but at least their new central pivot system and lower centre of gravity means there's no chance of the cat and the cleaner's cable getting all mixed up and toppling over. Or so Old Man Dyson says.

On sale now, the DC38 and DC39 cost £300 each, and the DC40 and DC41 cost £350 / £390. Check out their new ball cylinders (no giggling, please) technology explained below. [Dyson]